All Services

All Services


What you need to know about Ad Maiora Real Estate Agency:

1. We have been in the market for 8 years

2. We have hired the most qualified Agents, facilitating your requests

3. Apply to our offices to get all the necessary services (you will find them listed below)

In cooperation with EasyPay, we have decided to lighten the load of your day! Now you can perform services with us which include:

  • Transfer Money to more than 435,000+ countries worldwide with Ria Money Transfer

  • Pay the electricity and water bills

  • Recharge and pay mobile phone bills, for yourself, family, or friends

  • Payment of car fines although we wish you never to receive fines

  • Payment of Taxes of the Municipality of Tirana

  • Subscription or renewal to the digital TV platform

  • Pay your Kindergarten / Nursery bills

  • Internet payments

  • Various donations as well as the purchase of commercial products

  • Tickets (Physical & Online)